We feel so lucky to have found Heartwood. It has been such a wonderful place for our daughter to grow. Heartwood has provided fantastic early social learning opportunities where our daughter has been able to practice good community skills, being thoughtful, considerate, polite & understanding sharing and helping others. Beyond those everyday great socialization skills she has been exposed to so many other amazing parts of the world. Every month Amy introduces a new thematic unit of interest to the kids. She changes out the entire classroom, as if by magic, and exposes them to something new, creatures of the sea, dinosaurs, architecture & homes around the world etc. Woven into these monthly themes are regular routines which provide a nurturing structure for our daughter to explore her interests. We love Heartwood it is such a thoughtful place and it shows in all the details!

-Michele Greco, Carly Banker's Mom.

We love the community that Amy has created at Heartwood. In the classroom she strikes a great balance of nurturing structure and independence that allowed our children to explore and discover. She also brings together a diverse and loving group of families. This community not only contributes to the children’s education by sharing experiences and traditions, but became a valuable source of support for us as parents. Our kids are now in 3rd and 1st grade and we still keep in touch with our Heartwood connections!

-Susan and Howard, parents of Emma and Max

Heartwood was a blessing to find and provided a true haven for both of my boys, Shen and Kai. Amy and Karma offer a supportive, thoughtful, joyful and inspired environment for children to flourish. There is such care given to the curriculum, themes, concepts and ideas. HW is a place that expands the children's experience and understanding of how to live fully and compassionately within nature, the world and relationships. I will be very sad when my family is no longer a part of Heartwood because it truly felt like an extension of our own family.

-Ann Lechman-Su

Our family LOVES Heartwood. There are not enough wonderful words to describe Amy, Karma and the Heartwood program. Amy is prompt, responsive, creative, nurturing, organized. The program is structured and very creative. I love that they bring in a spanish teacher, a drama teacher, a music teacher, change out the learning "theme" monthly ... I really could go on and on!

-H.N. & D.C, parents of current Heartwood student

We love Heartwood! The unique mix of play, interesting hands-on projects and special activities like music, drama and cooking kept our daughter engaged and always excited about school. Equally important to us was that we knew our child was with caring and talented teachers who created an environment of respect, kindness and connection within the community. Heartwood helped Zia be fully prepared to meet the social and academic challenges of kindergarten.

-Carol Menton and Mark Waggoner

We first started at Heartwood in 2002 with our daughter Elisa. A few years later we were back with our son Alejandro. By the time our 3rd child, Lucia, was ready for preschool, she could have attended a free program at her siblings school - but there was NO way we would even consider not having her at Heartwood. Amy and Karma are both so great with the kids, but they're also really great with the parents as well! The program is varied and creative. The emphasis on art, drama, music, Spanish, but most importantly creative play that supports the building blocks for learning is exactly what I wanted for my children. We all love Heartwood and are so happy that we still have the opportunity to stay connected after Lucia graduates this year. Our 4th child, Felix, will be there in 2013!

-Barb Buckner Suarez, Happy Heartwood Parent (past, present AND future)

Heartwood has been a community that has embraced both of my children and our family as a whole. The environment is loving and nurturing and teaches the kids respect and to care for each other. My eldest daughter Olivia was one of the first kids at Heartwood, and my daughter Eleanor is there now. When Olivia went off to kindergarten, I was pleased to see how well she transitioned into that environment. There were 27 kids and she was 1 of 3 Heartwood kids in her class. All three seemed more adaptable and independent than some of the other kids, and were very secure in their new environment. Amy and Karma are incredibly caring, loving and patient people, and in the concept of "it takes a village," they rise to the occasion. I highly recommend Heartwood.

-Pam Coven, Olivia and Eleanor's mom

Heartwood provides the perfect blend of early childhood philosophies into an exceptionally engaging and creative program loved by kids and parents alike. We have felt so fully nurtured as a family due to the warmth, talent, and commitment of Amy and Karma. Our boys have become truly happy school-goers as a result. We can't imagine life without the Heartwood community!

-Eliza Nelson, Mother of Abe and Emil Nelson

"Nurture" is the first word that springs to mind when I think of Heartwood Preschool. Amy and Karma nurture the children emotionally without coddling them; nurture a love of learning that sets children up for kindergarten and beyond; nurture creativity, independence, and responsibility within each child; and nurture a warm, fun spirit among the parents. It really feels like a community, not simply a school, and my husband and I feel very fortunate to have had it be a part of our family's educational path and life.

-Sarah, mother of one Heartwood graduate and two current students